Membership Application

Member Application

WIYC Mission Statement

Creating fellowship through social, recreational, and service activities on The Island and waters surrounding it.

The WIYC is a group of individuals and families with ties to the Island who share a common appreciation for what The Island has to offer.   The Club is a dynamic source for a broad range of opportunities to meet and build friendships through social and recreational activities.  These typically take place from Memorial Day weekend and run through summer.  Events and gatherings reflect ever-changing member interests, which include biking, hiking, kayaking, boating, water sports, picnics, golfing, dinners, and more.

In addition to the vibrant social and recreational activities, the Club appreciates and finds ways to give back to the great Island community.  

  • The Clay Blair Memorial Foundation was established years ago to provide college scholarships to graduating seniors.  
  • Club Members have been a constant source of volunteers in support of Island based activities and needs.
  • All proceeds from the annual Club operated ice cream booth at The Island Fair go to local charitable organizations

The list goes on as does our desire and energy to contribute to the needs and betterment of The Island.

For the record, owning a yacht is not a requirement to becoming a Member.  In fact, few if any do.  Kayaks, fishing boats, and personal watercraft are more the boats of choice for those who even have boats.  

Our motto is more like: NO YACHTS, NICE PEOPLE!